How To Use Colima Sea Salt™

Because each grain of salt packs a wallop of flavor... be careful not to use too much. One pinch will do in most scenarios.

If you want to get fancy, Mark Bitterman, author of “Salted: A Manifesto” says, “Skew the use of salt towards the end of cooking. Give it autonomy to interact and play with the food.”

You can use Colima Sea Salt™ as a finish on steak, lamb or hot vegetables. Because unrefined sea salt retains 8-10% moisture... it does not melt, or soak up all the juices like dry industrial salt would. Instead, it sits nicely on your cooked meats and veggies and complements it.

This is how the salt keeps its delicate, satisfying crunch.

For cooking, you can also crush up a few grains of Colima Sea Salt™ in your fingers and it’s good for pasta water, blanching veggies and baking.

Colima Sea Salt™ is very versatile.